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Hi friends. Welcome aboard..
Our initiative
Adventure sport has always been a passion. The adrenaline, the horizons, the elements, the cultures, the insights, the wisdom it gives has made life worthwhile for many of us. Being in the adventure sport scene we’ve strongly felt that more awareness of its potential is required. Hence the idea popped up. Why not create a platform where a sport gets a chance to woo its finders.
What will you find on the website ?
Our goal is to give you all the information you ever wanted on your favourite adventure sport whether you are a Professional or someone trying to spell the word “bunjee”. Introduce yourselves to adventure sport organisers from all over the country. Guide yourself through a list of clubs for mountaineering in the city you live. Find a book on scuba diving. Know about events happening in Sikkhim for mountain biking. Buy and sell an adventure sport equipment. We are here to inform you about everything happening in the field of adventure sport.
Join us..
Sport organisers, manufacturers and dealers of equipments, associations, clubs, writers, photographers, anyone passionate about the sport who can lend a brain and a hand to add more value is invited to Adventure Compass.