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   Mountain Biking in India
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Mountain Biking started in mid 1970’s when the sport of bicycling was developing. The innovation started in California when few people installed fat tires on their bicycles and there was a worldwide boom. Ever since the sport has evolved so much that it has now reached the level of using space age technology to make the best equipment.
The sport of Mountain Biking has been divided into four categories: Cross Country (XC), Downhill (DH), Free ride (FR), Dirt Jumping (DJ) and Trials. Each category has a different style of riding, bikes and riding gears. However all of them require endurance, riding and surviving skills and a Good Rider.
The best part of Mountain Biking is that you don’t need any special day or weather to ride. You can do Mountain Biking any time, any day, be it snow, sun, rain, anywhere from a back yard to a gravel road, but the majority of Mountain Bikers would love to ride off-road trails or single tracks away from civilization.
In India Mountain Biking has been evolving rapidly, especially after 2000 when first Mountain Biking nationals were held in Chandigarh. However there are many people in India who have been doing Mountain Biking since a long time and now the numbers have increased throughout.
The best part is that India has all types of terrains which are perfect for riding, specially in North where usually tourist come with their bikes to ride. And now even Major Mountain Biking events like MTB Himachal, MTB Sikkim and other Mountain Biking tours offered by individuals have come up and have experienced extremely good response world wide.
Mostly the Mountain Biking events or tours that are organized come under the Cross Country or All Mountain category. But as mentioned above that the sport is getting evolved rapidly in India, few groups have come up who are introducing Downhill and Trail Riding in India.

People of all age groups have started showing good enthusiasm to promote this sport. There are functional cycling associations in India which have tied up with UCI and IMBA, so that the quality of trails and locations can be taken care by the professionals. Even the Indian Armed forces have entered this sport by introducing some of the strongest riders.
And to soup up Mountain Biking in India, private groups and clubs have also taken initiatives so that young children know the importance of this sport and consider Mountain Biking rather playing cricket or video games, and Children have really shown great response by joining the Mountain Biking camps usually held in summers under the supervision of skilled Mountain Bikers who even are invited from different countries so that the camp goes smoothly. Special care is taken in terms of safety.

Many individuals and few groups have also started going in the extreme part of Mountain Biking. They have started going big by getting in Downhill riding, trail riding and even free riding. However there is still more required to get the extreme mountain biking promoted in India, slowly but surely coming up. It is also believed that a Mountain Bike park is about to come up in Manali which is situated 6398 Ft above sea level in Northern India and is an important hill station in the Himalayan mountains of Himachal Pradesh.


Riding a mountain bike in Himalayas would be pleasure for a person who loves adventure and sports. The exquisite and varied topography of India offers a wide scope for Mountain Biking. Be it the mountain ranges of the Himalayas or the south Indian mountainous treks, Biking is always a pleasure in India.



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