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This is the second book in Himalaya Darshan series and is continues with Himalayan essence with true reflection of truth, beauty, & goodness. The book is a publication of perfect distribution of recent practical experiences of the author.  The book is specially written for Bengali tourists, trekkers and pilgrims. They find the detail information of their destinations. Mountain lovers and Nature worshipers are able to prepare the tour programme without any problem. Route map, route chart, datewise itinerary, Bus train arrival & departure timings, distances, altitudes etc. are all available in the book as ready reckoner.  Vivid descriptions of the Himalayan tourist spots, trekking route, places of interest, Shrines & Abode of deities are also given in this book. The places where the author visited personally have been included in the book. He visits every year at different parts of the regions. He is familiar and popular with the nature and climate of that area. He is treated as a member of the family of those localities.