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Fabulous Collections of Darjeeling & Sikkim
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With the Indian tourism growing faster than economy, Eastern Himalayan, specially Darjeeling & Sikkim regions has become an important destination in the world Map of heritages, traditions and culture as well as tourism industry. However, the wealth of this region in regard to history, heritages, etc. are yet to be unearthed to a greater extent, that can bring more pace into the tourism industry as well as the economy of this region and India. The original text is covered to help in promoting the importance of the educational values of the heritage or historic objects as well as their preservation within the society (including non-professional research communities, professional research communities, school groups and visitors). It will also enable to highlight the traditionally rich art works of Darjeeling & Sikkim Himalayan regions. Which otherwise might go neglected due to lack of awareness. This book not only makes a significant contribution to the history and development of collections within these communities but raises collections and historic building issues which have a much wider.