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Tying knots is one skill which might come handy anytime anywhere. It could be at home helping your dad with something or in the outdoors while tying a string of the tent. Here you can refresh your memory of knots you learned at the summer camps.



  1. Bowline Knot
  2. Figure of Eight Knot
  3. Simple Clove Hitch
  4. Reef Knot
  5. Sheet Bend Knot




It is a commonly used knot to tie a loop in the end of a rope. It has the advantage of not jamming. A bowline knot is an anchoring knot. It is generally used by mountaineers to self anchor themselves. It is also used when a rope has to be tied around a tree. A bowline knot is also used a lot by seamen.




It is a knot having the shape of the numeral 8, tied in a rope that has been passed through a hole or pulley and that prevents the rope from coming loose.




A Simple Clove Hitch is not an actual knot but a hitch (made to attach in such a way as to be readily loosened) which can be used as an anchoring knot.



This knot is used to join two ropes of the same diameter. The important rule to remember when tying this knot is “right over left and left over right.”



This knot is used join two ropes of unequal diameter.

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