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 Walk quietly “like a cat”, and see how close you can get to a squirrel or a bird.


 This can be real fun. When you are in the outdoors you will find a lot many squirrels and birds around you. The challenge is to get as close as possible to them. Get back those animal instincts which have been buried inside for a long time. But the important thing to remember is not to harm any of those animals making you a real animal. Here are a few skills about how to move swiftly with minimum noise.



If you walk on all fours you will be able to feel the noisy material below and minimize noise while movement.


 Place your knee exactly on the spot where you have jus removed your hand.

Use this method to move swiftly when there are a lot of bushes around.


Make sure that all your clothes are tucked in. Also be careful about not getting hooked onto the surrounding bushed.


Put the outer side of the foot first to feel the surface and to make minimum noise. Follow the same method when moving forward.

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