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   Basics of Tent Pitching
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A tent is a portable shelter usually made of canvas stretched over supporting poles and fastened to the ground with ropes and pegs. It is very important to carry a good tent to the outdoors so if a need for shelter arises you can have it in no time.  Kinds of tent could be:

  • A-Shaped tents
  • Alpine tents
  • Dome tents and a lot many other kinds of tents.



How to choose a terrain before pitching a tent:-


·         The ground should be leveled without any rocks or small stones which would make it uncomfortable when you lie down in the night.

·         The tent should not be pitched under a tree or near a rock wall incase or falling branches or landslides.

·         The tent should not be pitched near a tall tree or a pole which could be dangerous if there is lightening.

·         The tent should not be pitched on top of a ridge or at the corner of a cliff incase of strong winds.

·         Try not to pitch the tent on the windward side of the mountain or the hill.




You can watch a video on the A-shape Tent. We have discussed about its parts and how to pitch an A-Shape Tent.

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