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Being a regular visitor to the hills there is something I have seen happening in the mountains by the visitors and locals alike and want to bring it out on a very serious tone. And that is – POTTY MANNERS IN THE OUTDOORS.

Most of us are not aware of how to go pooping the outdoors. Well, it is quite tough for some of us to follow rules when nature calls but not following the rules can make you a culprit of spreading 90% of the diseases in the outdoors.


You are already a culprit of spreading diseases in the outdoors if:-

  1. You have pooped on the banks of a water body like a stream, waterfall, a river etc.
  2. You have pooped in the water body like a stream, waterfall, a river etc.
  3. You have pooped in the open without burying your crap in a pit.


The following POOPING RULES have to be followed once in the outdoors:-

  1. Whenever you go pooping please make sure you do it 100 meters away from any kind of a water body.
  2. Whenever you go pooping follow the rules of digging a CATHOLE --- meaning DIG A PIT and POOP IN IT and then BURY IT.  Burying poop helps in quickening the decomposing process by 70%. Take no chances of spreading any kind of disease.
  3. Never wash soap in a water source – meaning if you take bath or wash hands with soap always carry water from the water source and use it away from the source. The soap pollutes the water which again would spread disease.


The difference between a Camper and a Good Camper

Whenever you go in the outdoors please make people aware of these pooping manners and spread cleanliness. Even if you help change 1 person you have helped dispose off about 70 years of poop in a proper way which is a lot. These rules also have to be followed in cities when doing it in open.

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