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These are personal views of the author and does not endorse them in any way.

If you happen to face these animals then keep in mind that they mostly attack for two reasons, either they are scared or they are hungry.


If you face an animal from the cat family then chances of survival are minimal. Do not express fear. Running is another bad idea. Raising one’s hands and jacket above shoulder level and creating an imposing image might help. This might shoo away the cat, only if it is alone.



Wild dogs and wolves are predators. They have an infectious bite which can lead to rabies. Running is a bad idea. Stand your ground and face the animal. If they attack then fight aggressively. Using a wooden stick or stone is a good idea. The best way to scare the animal away is to hold it with both arms and both legs and squeeze it as hard as possible as shown in the picture. This might scare of the animal, but not if they are in a pack.



Usually bears attack humans if they feel threatened or are really hungry and can smell food. Bears hate surprises. They do not like to be challenged of their status as an alpha-male. If confronted one should act submissive and make soft noises when facing it. Running is a bad idea. If a bear attacks then one can curl up like a ball covering the head and neck and act dead. The catch is that one should play along even if the bear comes and starts pestering.

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