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Finding trails in the wilds can be a tough task. Unlike cities it is very hard to define prominent landmarks to remember a trail. When darkness falls or on a rainy day one can forget a trail and get lost very easily. Here we will discuss about some skills which would keep you safe if such an incident happens with you.


  1. If you get away from a group and have a feeling that you might be lost just “hug a tree”. It means that you should stay at the same place from where you lost your way and not move around much. The group might come back looking for you in some time.
  2. Always carry a whistle when on such trips and designate different blows for different levels of alarms. The whole group should be aware about the alarms.
  3. If there is no hope of the group coming back then please go to a higher area where you can take a good look at the entire area properly. A good idea could be to climb a tree or go on top of a small hill if you can see one. But if darkness falls then the top of a hill can be a cold place to spend the night.
  4. You can leave some marks on the trail you have been walking on so that if someone has been looking around for you they can follow the trail and find you.



Some signs could be:-


·         Making arrows with deadwood and sticks.

·         Making cairns using stones. (Used widely in the mountains)

·         Tying a cloth on the branches. (Use prominent colors like red)

·         Tie a bunch of grass in a knot.



                                     ARROW                                                                                                CAIRN


                          CLOTH ON A BRANCH                                                            KNOT TIED ON GRASS



Some signals could be:-


  •  If you carrying a mirror you climb up to a higher place and reflect sunlight using it. The sunlight reflected through the mirror is visible from a very long distance and someone might notice it.
  • You can go on top of a hill and make a small fire using leaves. It will give a thick smoke and again someone might notice it and come your way.



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