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Getting lost in a forest can happen to any of us. But some essential skills could keep us out of serious danger and help us get back to the safety of civilization. Water is the only intake which could keep a human body going in extreme conditions. A human mind works effectively only if is kept hydrated. Here we will share a skill on how to collect water out of green leaves. To collect water in a jungle adopt the following step(s).


You will need a bowl that does not soak water and a plastic sheet. Dig a 5 inches wide and 4 inches deep pit. Place the bowl at the centre of the pit.


Place green leaves and vegetation around the bowl. It is advisable to put a lot of green leaves and vegetation in the pit to get more water. Do not put the vegetation and leaves on the top of the bowl as it would stop the water from collecting in the bowl.


Take the plastic sheet and cover the pit with it. Secure it from flying away by weighing it down with stones on all sides. The sheet should be weighed down in the middle right on top of the bowl so that water drips in right into the container and doesn’t get wasted.


The water-drops which evaporate from the vegetation get collected on the plastic sheet and drip into the container. After waiting overnight you can collect the water from the container for usage. After taking out the bowl please fill up the pit with mud and keep the stones back from where they were picked to make minimum impact to the area.

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