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Mountain biking entails the sport of riding bicycles off-road, often over rough terrain, whether riding specially equipped mountain bikes or hybrid road bikes. Most mountain bikes share similar characteristics that underscore durability and performance in rough terrain: wide, knobby tires, large frame tubing, front fork or dual suspension shock absorbers. The durability factor means a far heavier bicycle weight to rider ratio than their road touring cousins.[1] Mountain biking is roughly brok
Mountain bikes differ from road bicycles in several ways. They have a smaller, reinforced frame, knobby, wide and high profile tires which are mounted on a rim stronger than those used on most non-mountain bicycles, a larger range of gears to facilitate climbing up steep hills and over obstacles, a wider flat or upwardly-rising handlebar that allows a more upright riding position, and often some form of suspension system for either the front wheel or both wheels. Mountain bikes sometimes come wi
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